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Due to release their fifth album El Pintor next week, Interpol have shared a bonus track off the LP titled “The Depths,” which is included on special edition versions of the record. 

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Pandora Presents hosted a free show at the Middle East in Cambridge Tuesday night as part of the Stubhub Next Stage Concert Series.  

The last time Delta Spirit played the Middle East Downstairs was roughly four years ago in February of 2010.  They’ve since grown in popularity, and currently play venues twice the size, so seeing them at such a small venue (capacity 550) was an intimate experience.

As if a free show at an intimate venue wasn’t enough, the fine folks at Pandora Presents treated concert goers to an open bar.  Yes, that’s right - an open bar.  But it doesn’t stop there.  They even went a stop further and provided fans with free posters (silk screened on site) and t-shirts. 

A night out to see your favorite band can be quite expensive these days, especially when you think about the cost of concert tickets, drinks, a poster, and t-shirt.  Pandora Presents and Stubhub gave 550 people all of this for free.

Delta Spirit played a 15-song set, and debuted three new songs (“Live On”, “Language of the Dead”, and “The Wolf”) from their upcoming album, Into the Wide, to be released on September 9th.  The band also stated that they would be coming back to the area in September, though I would expect a much larger venue.

Overall, an amazing night out and a really appreciative crowd.  Here’s to hoping Pandora Presents and Stubhub will come back to town with another show in the future.

Photos and a live video from the evening - “California” can be found below.


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Hardly letting their newfound freedom keep them instigating the powers that be, Pussy Riot members Masha Alyokhina and Nadya Tolokonnikova, along with eight local activists and journalists, were arrested earlier today by Russian police in Sochi.

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Shout out to @sonos &  @pandora for Having Me perform a Secret Show Last week. Here Are Some Photos If you Missed it! Photos By Hadas Di .

Such a great show! 

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Studio Science: Four Tet On His Live Set

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Ingredients of life

Illustrations of Chemical compounds by Avkari Alon

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You guys. This band. I can’t even deal. I don’t usually write reviews this…free-handed, but I feel like this might at least get you to go listen to this amazing album.

San Narciso, Piledrive, My Magellan, and Aveda Dollars are my three top pics right off the bat, but hell – this whole album is amazing. Its like Postal Service fused with Mates of State and Stars, with a little bit of crack. Grittier, dirtier, thicker, and a bit more complex.

A few things:

  • First: Not sure if San Nacriso is referencing LA or SF, I think it applies to both – but that doesn’t really matter. It could be any self-centered city. Love the chord progression used here. Any synthy song in the 120-130bmp range with call-and-response female/male vocals that lives in a minor key steals my heart.
  • Secondly: the driving pre-chorus/chorus makes me just want to “drop, attack, and fall” all the time, to anyone in my way (or, really just dance like a fool on the sidewalk).
  • Next, does anyone else think that breakdown starting after 3:15 of My Magellan takes some notes (see what I did there?) from Take a Bow by Muse? This song gives me the chills, in the best way possible. Amazing melodies that just get thicker and thicker and mmph. And how about that driving bass drum? And the honky-tonk-sounding piano? And that fake-out when you think its going to blow but doesn’t. Deceptive. Holy moly.
  • There’s so much more to say, but I’d rather just go back to listening to the album. And you should too.


Social Studies

Synth pop tinkley-sparklyness meets deep, thick bluesyness. Yes plz.


All American Rejects stopped by @pandoraradio for our Halloween Party! They. Are. Hilarious. (at Pandora Media Headquarters)